What is Automatic Gearbox flushing

What is Automatic Gearbox flush?

A gearbox flush is the means to completely renew the transmission oil, which removes built-up contaminants. This happens when the oil starts to degrade over time, even though some car manufactures like, Range Rover, Land rover, BMW, Mercedes and Audi will say they are “lifetime oil” and should last the life of the transmission.

Even the best oils ever engineered will degrade over time, and some as soon as 30,000 miles. So it is always worth having the fluid changed.

What are the benefits of gearbox flushing?

With a gearbox oil being completely renewed has huge benefits. Firstly the exchange rate using a flushing machine is 99.9%, compared to having the fluid just drained and fill with at best will only replace 60% of the oil, leaving a lot of the contaminants behind.

Also using the machine there is no mixing of the old fluid and the new ATF oil, also it is highly recommended to having the fluid changed when you start experience fluctuation revs on the speedo, gears shift issues to not holding the correct gear. This is signs the build-up of the oil-degrading is starting to cause mechanical issues.

Will it fix all the issues, the straight answer is no. If the issues have been going on too long then having a flush might not fix the issue. That’s why it is important to change the oil regularly and treat it as preventative more than last resort.

gearbox flushing

what is the difference between a gearbox flush and a traditional gearbox drain service?

The main difference straight away is the Full gearbox flush will change 99.9% of the oil and a traditional drain and refill will only remove 40 – 60% at most, which is only the oil in the sump, which leaves all the oil in the pipes and torque convertor.

Also using a machine will not mix the new or old oil, as it is a straight fluid exchange.

Our machine also uses a detergent-based cleaning cycle which helps remove as much degraded oil and containment than a normal exchange.

Using this service can hugely help with extending the boxes life span, help with the smoother gear change. whist still helping with improving fuel economy

how often should I replace my automatic transmission fluid?

This is a difficult one as it all depends on the vehicle its self, some cars need them changed every 30,000 miles so 120,000 miles. It can only benefit your gearbox if it is done regularly if you are unsure it needs replacing then, then ask us and we can have a look at the schedule. Just remember there is no such thing as a lifetime Oil.

What is a gearbox mega flush?

A gearbox mega flush is the industries automatic gearbox service, which cleans the internal components using a specialist detergent and then carries out a complete fluid transfer from new to old. This is crucial as the new oil helps disperse the head generate from your box, also keeps clutch plates lubricated if they are present and keeps your gearbox in good health. mega flush

how do I know if I need a transmission flush?

There are 2 main ways to know if your transmission requires a flush, first will be based on the service schedule set out by the manufacturers themself. This will be determined by either the milage of the vehicle or the age whatever comes first.

The second will be if there are any signs that your box is starting to show the following signs, gear shifting issues, revs fluctuating to the car not holding gear properly. These are the main issues you will notice and 90% of the time a gearbox flush will fix this issue. The key is to get it done as soon as possible before it becomes an irreversible issue

Do I need a flush if my automatic gearbox is lifetime fluid?

As previously mentioned there is no such thing as lifetime gearbox fluid, the best oil in the world will over time start to degrade and loses its viscosity, when this happens it then starts to damage and increases the wear on the transmission internals. So if you have carried out a lot of miles make sure you get the gearbox serviced

Hopefully, this article helps you understand the reasons you need to service your gearbox and keep up with the regular schedule. So next time you have a service ask if the transmission requires a full fluid exchange, or give us a call at Freeway service centre and we will be glad to help.