Suspension Repairs On The Isle Of Sheppey

Car Suspension Repairs

Your car suspension is a complex series of parts designed to work together to reduce your cars vibrations and uneven movements from the road surface, providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience. 

So when you cars suspension fails you will soon no about it. So for all you steering and suspension repairs on the isle of sheppey call Freeway Service Centre today.

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Car Suspension Issues

It’s not always possible to see straight away that you have a suspension issue. The main reason for this, because most suspension issues happen over time and you don’t notice the gradual decline in you cars suspension performance. 

Why not call Freeway Service Centre today for a FREE suspension check check. which we will inspect your vehicle and identify any issues you might be experiencing with your steering suspension.

If we find a issue we will create a no obligation quotation for any repairs that are needed.

Steering And Suspension Repairs

The main car suspension components include a shock and coil spring. These together are what create the dampening down and the cushioning to your vehicle as it absorbs the bumps with our british roads. Helping you dampen the impact from potholes to the odd curb we hit. 

When a spring snaps or the oil/gas leaves the shock due to age or failure you loose of the damping and at this point you will want to call us to have a FREE suspension health check. Worn suspension can increase your braking distance by up to 2 metres. So don’t delay if you have an issue.

When it comes to steering, the main components are a steering rack, inner and out track rod ends, and when these start to fail you can sometimes feel the car pulls to one side, also you can see the uneven wear on your tyres. So this is another important sign to keep an eye out for. So if you have any of these symptoms call us today.

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How To Find Steering And Suspension Repairs Near You?

Freeway Service Centre is located on the A2500 Lower Road, Minster on Sea, Isle Sheppey. 

We are 10 minutes from junction 5 on the M2 Motorway, Sittingbourne turn off and 15 minutes from junction 7 on the M20 Motorway, Maidstone turn off.  

Our full address:

Freeway Service Centre Ltd, Marshlands Farm Ind Est, Lower Rd, Minster on Sea, Sheerness, Kent ME12 3RT

Our contact number is: 01795872118