Car Diagnostics on Isle Of Sheppey

Car Diagnostic Test

When a warning light appears can be very concerning. Let Freeway Service Centre take a look for you, we offer 2 services, a code read and a full diagnostics. So call us today for more details

Car Diagnostic Check Cost on Isle Of Sheppey

At Freeway Service Centre we use up to date and the state of the art car diagnostics equipment. 

We have two options for you, 

Option 1: Some customers just want the car codes cleared and codes read, if this is you we will plug your car into our car diagnostics machine, get a reading and pass that information on to you and give you the option to clear the codes. This is £20 for this code read and clear

Option 2: Sometimes the codes can be hard to make sense off, well this option if for a full hours diagnostics, in this hour we will plug the car in, check and test the fault code and give you a full report on what the issue could be and create a quote to complete the repair. This is just £60

So why not call us today to book in your car diagnostics test today.

car diagnostic test

Code Read & Code Clear

Diagnostics Code reading & Clearing
£ 20 inc Vat
  • Read The Current Codes
  • Option to Clear Codes(If possible)
  • Done While You Wait

Code Read & Code Clear

Diagnostics Code reading & Clearing
£ 60 inc Vat
  • Read The Current Codes
  • Diagnosis Issue & Offer Solution
  • 1 Hours Labour On Your Car

Where Are We Based And What Area Do We Cover?

Freeway Service Centre is located on the main through road going to Leysdown-On-Sea and Eastchurch, which is the A2500 lower road. If the Sheppy Rugby Club. So we are perfectly located for anyone on the Isle Of Sheppey.

If you are coming from warden or Leysdown-on-sea we are located on the left about a mile after brambledown farm shop just before the roundabout.

If you are coming from sheerness or halfway houses, if you drive past the rugby club on the lower road and go straight over the roundabout we are 50 yards on the right. Get in contact with us today for all your car needs, from car servicing, tracking to tyres