Car battery replacement In Isle Of Sheppey

Local Battery Replacement

At Freeway Service Centre we have a huge arrange of batteries in stock. Why not call us today for a FREE battery health check, if you do need a battery then we will have it for you.

Car Battery Stock

We stock a large selection of car batteries over a Freeway Service Centre, Minster, Isle Of Sheppey. So if you are looking for a battery locally then we are here for you.

The car battery is the heart of the car, it powers the ignition to the starter, so if the battery is not working nor is your car. That is why it is important to get your battery checked if in doubt, takes 10 minutes and you will have a full report putting your mind at ease. 

Doesn’t matter what type of battery you are after we have the stock, and if we don’t we can have it within the same day, from brands like Varta and exide.

Varta Batteries

Need A Battery Test?

Not Sure If Your Battery Needs Replacing?

Call us today for a FREE battery health check.

When the winter months come round, the cold can really cause issues with the car batteries effectiveness. For this reason we offer a FREE car battery health check.

Without doubt a battery is an important part of your car, and when the winter comes can cause you some serious issues and can turn a school run into a nightmare. 


Especially when the car doesn’t start, that’s why the health check can help you put your mind at ease. So if you have any potential worries about your battery contact us and we will be glad to help

Car battery replacement

Signs Your Battery is Starting To Fail

  • This is a list of common issues you will want to keep an eye out for, and if you see some of these call us for a FREE battery check
  • Slow starting engine
  • Dim headlights
  • When starting a constant click, click noise and the engine doesn’t turn over
So you understand what the signs are for a failing car battery here is a list to help maintain your battery for longer:
  • Dont let your battery fully discharge
  • When servicing your car keep the terminals greased up and free from corrosion
  • Make sure your battery is firmly bolted down including terminals
  • Keep your battery dry and clean at all times

Where To Find Us

So if you are looking for car battery replacement in Minster, or even tracking to brakes replacement on the Isle Of Sheppey then this how you can contact and find us. 

If you are coming from sheerness end of the island we are on lower road (a2500), if you were to drive past the Sheppey rugby club on your right, go straight over the roundabout and turn right 50 yards up the road. we are next door to Sheppey caravans.

If you were coming from eastchurch or leysdown end, you will drive past brambledown farm shop on your right we are about a mile on your left just before the roundabout


Freeway Service Centre Ltd, Marshlands Farm Ind Est, Lower Rd, Minster on Sea ME12 3RT, United Kingdom

Contact number: 01795872118