Automatic Gearbox Flush Near Me

Get A Gearbox ATF Power Flush In Kent

At Freeway Service Centre, we offer automatic gearbox flush  in Kent.

A gearbox mega flush should always be regarded as part of your essential maintenance routine and a proactive preventative measure of your vehicle.

There are so many instances in which the transmission is wrongly diagnosed at fault yet a gearbox power flush could remedy the issue.

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ATF Automatic Gearbox Flush

Freeway Service Centre, offers a Gearbox Flush service in Kent.

A ATF mega flush installs and circulates a flushing compound around to completely remove oxidised and contaminated fluids in the transmission, valve body, torque converter, pan, filter element, transmission lines and transmission cooler.

New transmission fluid along with conditioners and anti wear additives is pumped back into the gearbox, resulting in:

* Less transmission noise

* Smoother gear change’s

* Improved MPG

* Longer gearbox life expectancy 

The reason a power flush is recommend is that you may find that old transmission fluid could lead to serious gearbox issue’s and in some instances could result in complete engine failure. 

If you notice symptoms like a grinding noise, fluctuating RPM gauge or slow gear selection, it is imperative that you change the gearbox oil as soon as possible to avoid a costly mechanical failure.

There are many vehicle’s that will benefit from a gearbox power flush, including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford & Land Rover.

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There are so many vehicle's that would benefit from a gearbox power flush the more common are:

Land Rover Discovery 3/4 ZF Gearbox Power Flush

Land Rover Discovery 3 / 4 use the ZF 6 or 8 speed automatic gearbox.  This particular gearbox can only be properly serviced using a power flush equipment.

As such the owner may not know the proper steps to take if they want to ensure that their car performs at its best. In this case, you need to have our  Discovery Gearbox Flush service based in Minster on Sea, Kent.

This is commonly referred to as a gearbox mega flush.

discovery 3 gearbox flush
range rover sport gearbox flush

Range Rover Sport ZF Gearbox ATF Mega Flush

Using the same ZF gearbox as the  Land Rover Discovery 3/4, the Range Rover Sport also requires regular gearbox oil changes. This is commonly over looked as part of the routine servicing intervals when not visiting a Land Rover specialist.

At Freeway Service Centre we carry out a full power flush, which also includes conditioners and anti wear additives.

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What Is ATF Gearbox Power Flush?

A mega flush includes a total exchange of transmission fluid and cleansing of the system.

We utilise a specialist power flush machine to eliminate old fluid, dirt and also pollutants before replenishing with brand-new, OE liquid. 

This procedure includes checking for leakages and any kind of other issues to guarantee your car its absolute best.


gearbox mega flush

Where To Find Us?

So if you are looking for automatic gearbox power flush in the Kent area, then look no further. We offer a mobile ATF gearbox power flush service for Land Rover’s that cover’s the whole of Kent inc Sheerness, Sittingbourne, Medway, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Thanet, Canterbury and Ashford.

Freeway Service Centre is located on the A2500 Lower Road, Minster on Sea, Isle Sheppey. 

We are 10 minutes from junction 5 on the M2 Motorway, Sittingbourne turn off and 15 minutes from junction 7 on the M20 Motorway, Maidstone turn off.  

Our full address:

Freeway Service Centre Ltd, Marshlands Farm Ind Est, Lower Rd, Minster on Sea, Sheerness, Kent ME12 3RT

Our contact number is: 01795872118